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  • Avatar maybe i missed something - hashtags
    ok, i am not a twitter person, but i do post my food photos on instagram. on a strange brain neuron firing this evening, i searched 'hashtags for...
  • Avatar Oh Dear, Even I gave in and started a Blog.
    ............Now the Cubs are gonna win the World Series. :whiteflag::shocked: Let me know how bad it looks (Very early on in development.): Amelse...
  • Avatar Tero Sade DVD's?
    I've been searching around and that set of DVD's that Tero Sade put out awhile back in regard to how he did his "Children of Tasmania" project no...
  • Avatar Viewable Before Login, DWF Content - UPDATE
    I wanted to make a quick public post because there is some misinformation floating around about recent forum changes. We understand that ...
  • Avatar Cheetah light anyone have one yet ?
    Good review of the new cheetah lights that has been up a bit :) CHEETAH Light CL-180 / Godox AD180 Bare Bulb HSS Flash Review | FLASH HAVOC () ...

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