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  • Avatar so Cal peeps, need photo park suggestions
    anyone know of a great photo park to suggest in pasadena? i'm a westside/valley girl and a client in pasadena reeallly wants to shoot at a park near...
  • Avatar How to find out the value for your gear?
    Hi friends! I am getting ready to retire my trusty old 50D, my first camera that got me started. Time to move on to something better! :) I was...
    Hey everyone! I need some encouragement and some sage advice from people who have been in my shoes. I need to turn down a wedding. ...
  • Avatar How to respond ot a potential client
    Hey everyone! So I received this response after sending my package and pricing information to a potential bride and groom and am not too sure how to...
  • Avatar New SmugMug!
    Just watched the announcement - They did exactly what I was hoping they would do. They kept me as a customer for now. Anyone else watch the...

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"I hear at the end of the day from family, the couple or bridesmaids that I'm not like other wedding photographers they've worked with. They say I add an element of debauchery or excitement to the day... What I really do is I allow people to be themselves and invite everyone in." - Mike Allebach

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