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  • Avatar New Bank - Traditional Bank or Credit Union?
    Looking into switching banks for day-to-day personal and business transactions. Would appreciate any opinions and experience people have had with...
  • Avatar Olympus - Macro Monster
    I noted at different times that I consider the current Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras (E-M5, E-P5) together with the Olympus 60 mm f/2.8 lens as...
  • Avatar Interesting Ad
    This is from Craigslist for an event photographer to shoot a wedding.... Freelance Event Photographer Needed! () They talk about providing...
  • Avatar Thank you / gift for referrals(?)
    Part time seniors, families and a few weddings here. What do you do (if anything) when a client refers you to a friend or family and they book a...
  • Avatar Do you tip when you order take-out?
    So I'm getting ready to order some food for lunch after I type this post. When I pick up my order do I leave a tip? To me, the only service I'm...

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