PetaPixel has some solid news (and some pictures) about a rumour that’s been kicking around for a while: Canon 5D Mk IIs were used to film portions of Iron Man 2.

VDSLR shooters were practically peeing themselves when the season finale of House was shot using the 5D Mk II, I can’t wait to see the reaction to this. While it wasn’t the entire movie, scenes from the Monaco Grande Prix scenes were shot using the 5D Mk II.

However, they won’t be quite so happy to learn that the cameras were used partially because they were, in Hollywood terms, mostly disposable, and could be run over with race cars and demolished.

Still, seeing footage from the Mk II in one of the three biggest movies of the year (only Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland have made more money at the box office) should go a long, long way to solidifying the idea of video-capable DSLRs as able to produce footage on par with the big productions.

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