dundam wedding

See those two tiny little specs under the 59 foot tall giant robot aka 1/1 Gundam RX78. That’s the lucky couple chosen from nearly 500 entries by Wedding Planning company T&G to be married under the truly giant anime character. (Yup 500 other people wanted to do the same thing! Go figure.)

One last look up at Gundam to say a word of thanks maybe

What’s a Gundam and why is there a giant one? Good question and the answer is probably one most of us wouldn’t understand anyway but I’ll give it a go.  A Gundam is a giant robot suit controlled by a human and there is a humongous one in Tokyo because anime is HUGE in Japan and the Gundam series is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary as probably the most successful cartoon series in history.

The wedding family salute to the crowd

I can just imagine what my wife would say to “Honey, let’s get married under the giant robot in Tokyo.” The answer wouldn’t be, “OK!”.


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