I was just finishing up the review on David Pearce’s book, when I got this email:

Hi Everyone:

I thought you might be interested to know that I have just published a very inexpensive update to the Gallery section of my hugely successful “Wedding Photography – A Guide to Posing” book. It is a stand alone e-book in PDF format and packed with new and inspirational images by photographers from around the world. If you have not got the main book this is an ideal way to get a feel of what it is like.

We received literally hundreds of requests for an ebook based on the Gallery so am very pleased that this has now been completed and will be published on a monthly basis to give you continual inspiration. Novembers issue focuses on Bridal Portraits and Couple shots.

We all spend a fortune on equipment as photographers, so it is important to also spend some on professional development and Invest in Knowledge. This will help to make us better photographers and of course make us more money by being able to charge more. This book literally costs the same as a couple of coffee’s so is a tiny investment that could bring you rich rewards. Just ½ a reprint sale and it has paid for itself!

We even offer you a full 30 day money back guarantee if you think the book does not offer superb value for money so please go to www.oliver-cameron.com/facebook to buy a copy for £6 or $10.
Or purchase a subscription that is currently on special offer at $20 or £12 for 3 issues. That is over 500 images and 10,000 words of knowledge over 3 books for less than a round of drinks!

Some main features of the book:-

170 brand new images.

1 image per page.

An amazing amount of inspiration to use.
Instant Download.

PDF format.

A business expense for tax purposes.

Large beautiful images – the book has been sized to fit onto an iPad screen so they look great.

It would be pretty difficult not to recoup such a small outlay multiple times at your next wedding.

We are so confident that you will not only improve your photography but also sell more images as a result of having this ebook, we are offering a full 30 day money back guarantee (only to those that receive this message) if you are not fully satisfied.

Choice of paying in $US or £UK.

We have created a special ordering page which can be found at www.oliver-cameron.com/facebook so please do visit now.

Please also pass the link around and post in on your Facebook page for me.

Thank you for your continued support – it is really appreciated and allows us to commission further books.

BTW – The Boudoir Book will be released and posted out by the 29th November. Get your orders in right now if you have not already at www.oliver-cameron.com


A quick email to David confirms that this is not just an eBook, but will hopefully turn into an eMag, with monthly editions, interviews, advice, etc.

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