… but like so many good stories that hit the media it’s turned out to be not true – dSLR users in the Middle East can go about their business and shoot with “proper” cameras in Kuwait after all.

The Kuwait Times, source of the original story, has issued this retraction:

On Saturday, November 20, 2010 the Kuwait Times published an article titled ‘Multi ministry camera ban frustrates artists’ in which incorrect information was provided. The newspaper regrets failing to verify the information. The article wrongly stated that a ban on DSLR cameras was implemented by the Ministries of Information, Social Affairs and Finance. This information is false. In a follow up investigation, it was proved that no such ban has been issued. We regret this error and deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.

So there you go. The DWF Blog is happy to set the record straight. I wonder which other stories might turn out not to be true… Elvis’s comeback, those flying saucers in New Mexico, or Canon’s $150 F1.4 18-200 IS zoom (okay that last one is definitely false).

Editors Note: Big props to PetaPixel for pointing this one out. I wonder how many people have egg on their face?

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