What is your DWF Username? Kristen Wynn
What is your Full Name? Kristen Wynn
What is your business Location? Currently Palm Bay, FL; moving to Pittsburgh, PA in April 2013
What is your website URL? www.kristenwynnphotography.com
What’s your facebook page URL? www.facebook.com/kristenwynnphotography
How many years have you been in business? 3+

Was there life before photography or has this been a lifelong passion for you?
I started working for a photographer when I was a freshman in college in 2004 as a non-shooting assistant. I worked there for 5 years while I was in college and graduate school. I have a Bachelor’s in Communications from Penn State and a Master’s degree in Education from Robert Morris University. With the economy, I have never really worked in either of those fields.

How did you become a professional photographer?
Shortly before I finished graduate school, the economy collapsed. I also moved across the country for my late husband’s job. I applied for over 600 positions in a 12 month time period, had approximately five interviews and no offers. I was a homemaker and working odd jobs. In my spare time, I started to work on my photography skills. I worked for free for the entire year to build my portfolio in photography. After a year of honing my skills, I opened my business. I originally wanted to focus solely on family portraits but found myself having the temperament for weddings.

What’s been your biggest business challenge? How have you faced that challenge?
My greatest business challenge has also been my greatest personal challenge. In April 2012, my husband very unexpectedly passed away. My husband did some behind the scenes work for my business, such as bookkeeping. Additionally, he was just my moral support so it is very difficult now not having anybody to turn to for advice or a listening ear. Struggling with your own grief and balancing your happiness for engaged couples can be quite a challenge.

What’s the most effective way you’ve found to market your studio?
I’m still newer to the industry; I’ve been very fortunate to rely solely on word of mouth marketing.

If we needed a photographer today why would we book you? What makes you unique?:
I think my organization and my dedication make me different than other photographers. I have had a lot of success with my wedding day timelines that are especially detailed as far as photography is concerned. As far as dedication, I give 110% no matter what. I can compartmentalize the circumstances of my life completely from the events of the wedding day.

What is the one item used in your shooting or editing workflow you can’t live without? What makes it indispensible?
My favorite lens is the 85L. I can photograph an entire wedding using just that lens.
What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?
To an aspiring wedding photographer, I would say that this is a job for the mentally tough. I feel you need to put your clients first. For example, guests and family members will give their input twenty times a day as far as what photos should be taken at a wedding. Not every client (or their mother) will love your work. It is a competitive field and your fellow photographers will give unsolicited advice. You are going to miss family weddings, birthdays, holidays and other important events in your life to photograph the most important day in someone else’s life. No matter how you feel, you must show up with a smile and do your job.

What has the DWF done for your business?
The DWF has made me a better business person because there is a support position to help you stand firm in your policies and make business decisions with your head and not your heart.

How do you use the DWF?
I really enjoy visiting the Business forum on DWF. My twitter tag line includes the phrase “business runner” because I do consider myself a businesswoman even above being a photographer.

Huge thank you to Kristen Wynn for being a part of the DWF community and giving us an inside look at how she runs her business! Gorgeous work Kristen, we are so proud that you’re a part of the DWF!!

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