As a well networked photographer we can all appreciate having a humongous friends list. As the owner of one of those big lists I can tell you that the downside of letting any old “Friend” into the fold is that you’re giving up some privacy. But never fear there is a solution… drum roll please…. and it is lists.  Lifehacker to the rescue with a great little tutorial on how to setup and maintain Facebook lists.

The advantages of Facebook Friends Lists:

  • Share info with members of a specific list (effectively eliminating those late night drunk rants from your photography clients prying eyes)
  • Send messages and invites to events to specific groups (meaning you don’t have to send your photography friends or your mom info on your latest boudoir promo)
  • See news feeds from certain groups (It’s kind of like being selectively deaf)

All in all it’s just good practice to organize your networks.  Can you think of any advantages that I haven’t already mentioned?

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