As business owners we all know that what you say is sometimes as important as how you say it. As the social networking giant Facebook matures (they just passed Google as the most visited site on the planet) so does the way in which they present themselves.

People will soon connect with your Brand Pages by clicking ‘Like’ rather than ‘Become a Fan,…

But don’t worry according to a Facebook spokesperson you can still refer to “Branded” Facebook pages as “Fan” pages. So why make the change at all then? According to a confidential email obtained by clickz users have been clicking “Like” almost twice as much as the “Become a Fan” button. Translated that seems to imply that as business owners who run “Fan” pages we can expect to be “Liked” even more. In the realm of internet reality that is Facebook that translates to a potential for even more exposure for our branded pages. In the immortal words of Martha Stewart, “It’s a good thing!”.

According to MediaMemo another possible side-effect to the new love of “Like” is that we can expect Facebook to expand the “Like” button all over the interwebs. Perhaps it will be akin to “Digg” or “StumbleUpon”  etc..

So… are you guys a “Fan” of “Like”?


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