What is your DWF Username? AprilRamone  (I started using this as my online name when I was 18 because I was such a Ramones fan, don’t judge! :)
What is your Full Name? April Nicole O’Hare (soon to be O’Hare-Kaufman:)
What is your business Location? Denver, CO
What is your website URL? http://www.apriloharephotography.com
What’s your facebook page URL? http://www.facebook.com/AprilOHarePhoto
How many years have you been in business? 6 years

Was there life before photography or has this been a lifelong passion for you?
I always loved to take photos, but I was just a happy snapper growing up and liked to scrapbook with my mom.  I never thought seriously about photography or took a single class until I started college.  I knew I wanted to be an art major and I loved drawing, but at the time I figured photography would be an easier way to make a living as an artist.

How did you become a professional photographer?
I majored in Art in college with an emphasis in photography so within a year of graduating I decided I was going to jump right in to portrait work.  Weddings followed later.

What’s been your biggest business challenge? How have you faced that challenge?
My biggest challenge was definitely not understanding the business side of photography and how to price myself properly in the beginning.  I was finding a few clients and they were ordering, but I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t making a profit.  Luckily I managed to seek out answers from multiple online photographer forums and along with a lot of trial and error began to start figuring it out.

What’s the most effective way you’ve found to market your studio?
Oh, that’s a hard one since I strongly believe that it’s a bunch of little strategies that all add up to inquiries.  But I suppose if I was forced to choose only one I’d say google adwords has worked well for me.  I also meet a ton of women between the ages of 18-45 (totally my target market with brides/moms) through playing derby which is fun because it means I get to photograph all of my interesting friends!

If we needed a photographer today why would we book you? What makes you unique?:
Oh man, that’s the age old question right?  I have a fairly solid shooting style where I like to showcase the environment we’re working in which is great for the people out there who fall in love with their venues. I think most people come to meet me because I have quality work at a fairly affordable price range, but they’ll book me because I am easy to talk to.

What is the one item used in your shooting or editing workflow you can’tlive without? What makes it indispensible?
Oh for sure my 5d mk IIs because of how great the photos look even at a high ISO plus Lightroom.  Lightroom keeps me organized and I can zip through the culling process incredibly quickly.

What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?
I’d advise them to do it differently than I did.  I strongly feel that I didn’t learn enough in college to support going into a career as a photographer.  I would advise against a traditional school environment for learning photography and use online forums (like DWF!) + experimenting/practice/critique to get better at photography and if they insisted on going to school, to go for business or marketing or something along those lines.

What has the DWF done for your business?
I love the DWF!  I love that almost any question I can think of has been asked before and when I do a search I can find a plethora of previous responses/strategies to combat almost any issue.  I also love to read all of the crazy stories from other photographers.  Most of all, I love that it’s such a large and giving community.  I am glad to have it as a resource so that I can be a better service provider to my clients.



How do you use the DWF?
Well, when I first started I spent a lot of time in the business forum since it seemed to be the happening area.  But I have since grown to not always need as much business advice and I am finding myself trying to push myself more and grow in my artistic and technical skills so I find myself asking a lot of questions in the gear section or perusing the art side more.
Optional, but come on, be a sport: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Would being the world’s most phenomenal roller skater count? Seriously though, time traveler all the way!
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