Toss this one in the interesting things to note pile. Turns out that when you delete a photo from Facebook it could be accessible (if you have the direct URL) for up to 16 months.

Why you ask? Because Facebook’s CDN (content delivery network) apparently stores the images in their cache. It begs the question, how long should they be keeping your photos after you delete them? Hopefully not long going forward if Facebook employee Simon Axten is true to his word. He made a claim in a statement to Ars Technica that they are working on a fix that will delete a photo (and video) from the Facebook CDN shortly after it is deleted from Facebook.

Shortly being the keyword here as 16 months ago they told Ars Technica writer Jacqui Cheng that they only store images for “A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME” after removal. If Facebook thinks that 16 months is “limited” I wonder how long they think “Shortly” is?

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