Agh… the truth movement. Dontcha just love it? All of the sudden, thanks to social networking, some people have proclaimed that they know what is really wrong with the photography industry education system (if there really is such a thing). The “Truth Movement” will shine a like a beacon of  hope and all will be right in the world again. OK busted! I might have exaggerated that part a smidge but it’s not all that far off the reactions I’ve read thus far. Repeat after me people…

Nothing is really going to change!

Call me a “Grumpy” if you like (I prefer realist) but the fact of the matter is that EVERY industry has speakers who are not very good at speaking, who do not practice what they preach and in general probably should not be telling anyone else how to run a business.  Wedding photography education is not “broken” and it really doesn’t need an eye opening “Movement” for most of us to realize that this is how human nature on the planet earth functions.  In fact, I’ll bet you $5 that somewhere out there is a fertilizer spokesperson that is quite literally full of shit. They just aren’t twittering back and forth with each other talking about how their particular brand of shit doesn’t stink. Trying to change the face of education in our industry is like trying to put on a bandaid underwater. It’s not gonna stick.

But, but, but… it’s good to shake things up!

Eh… let’s be realistic.  This might help for a little while but in general it won’t last. It’s kinda like an Easy-Bake oven. You take the cake mix, stir it up a bit, stare at it thru a little tiny window for a while watching it smolder under a bright light. Then all of the sudden out plops something supposedly edible. Then the realization sets in. Sure it was fun to do and sure it was fun to watch but deciding whether or not you want to eat it when it’s done is a whole other story.

Only time will tell how long the “Truth Movement” will last but one fairly interesting byproduct of this seems to be the “Transparency Movement”.  A few well known people in and around our industry have taken to publishing their relationships on their blogs all of the sudden.  Two examples are the Bui Brothers and Andrew Niesen of ShootQ/LaCour (please note I’m not pointing fingers at anyone I’m just reporting that these are a few examples of transparency that have popped up. I have had no business dealings with nor do I know either of these people aka don’t send me hate mail) …

With all that exists out there about what company is paying whom to say what about whatever… we’ve decided to create a page which lists all of our relationships with different companies out there or any products that we use or mention on a regular basis. We preach transparency in our talks and workshops, so here it is. – Bui Brothers Full Disclosure

Business in the “Cloud” must be Transparent There is some misinformation floating around the Twittersphere about ShootQ and I want to publicly state the facts so there are no rumors. Life’s too short for counterproductive speculation. – Andrew Niesen ShootQ / LaCour

It’s worth noting that apparently the FTC is already or will soon be requiring this type of discourse across the board. (FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials Changes Affect Testimonial Advertisements, Bloggers, Celebrity Endorsements)

I have to admit though that I’ve found it entertaining. In the way that a car crash is something that you just can’t look away from. The finger pointing, the he said/she said and let’s not forget watching the glass houses crumble… What’s not to love!  But in the end there will always be educators who are not up to snuff. Knock one down and up pops another in their place. It’s just the nature of the beast. But there is one universal “Truth” if you will and that is… Caveat Emptor! Because afterall, who knows who’s “Truth” is really best for our industry.

What do you guys think?

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