Despite what some people would have you believe, going to a seminar can be a great experience. But what you get out of a seminar depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is the attitude you bring to it.

Scott Bourne has attended more than 150 seminars, either as teacher or student, so he’s rather qualified to comment on the topic, and he offers a list of ten things to ask before attending a seminar. The post takes a few covert shots at the current ruckus on twitter, but for the most part offers a list of things to consider before attending any workshops, (including a workshop on nude photography co-led by a wildlife photographer).

While the questions may be simple (and is certainly not the last word on attending seminars and workshops), they are important. Some people do attend workshops with the same star struck, glassy eyed gaze as a middle-aged mother of five at a Justin Bieber concert, leading to the “photographer as rockstar” syndrome that so many rail against.

So take a moment to ask yourself if you’re going to see Jerry in LA because of what you can learn, or just because he’s hot and has a sexy accent.  Obvious Answer Hint: It should be because he’s an excellent teacher. Bonus Points: He’s not hard on the eyes or ears.

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