The latest in a long, long (did we mention long) line of photographers who have somehow wound up with someone else’s photos on their website gives the whole thing a new twist, as she was promoting a Groupon when it happened.

Typically, these things tend to get photographer’s panties bunched up in a knot, but in this case, the whole thing pretty well blew up, with a lot of name calling in the Groupon forum. After first claiming ownership of the images, the photographer then turned around and said it was an “error” made by her … wait for it … webmaster.

Yup. Poor, stupid web designers. You’d think they’d learn to not just randomly insert photos into websites….

The result of which was the Groupon being pulled and all the discussions being turfed, but not before they were archived. Discuss this one in the 6 page thread on the DWF forums with your peers. Login required but trials are FREE.

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