A while back we mentioned that the season finale of House was going to be shot entirely on Canon 5D mkIIs. That episode aired last night, and people have been waxing poetic about how the show looked shot on what is ostensibly a still camera.

One of the most thoughtful, reasoned and interesting reactions is from Vincent Laforet. Vincent, you may remember, is the person who kicked of this whole fusion thing by conning the Canon New York reps to lend him the prototype 5D mk II for a weekend, and shot the first short film of  what was to become an entire industry of people shooting video on the 5D mk II, as well as all the rest.

While these cameras have brought film-like qualities into the hands of the masses, Laforet says the House episode shows what happens when these tools get into the hands of professionals:

The image quality was phenomenal.   No noise.  No artifacting whatsoever.  No blocking up of shadows.  Why?  In my opinion:  The lighting…. the quality of the light and the time and care you invest in it won’t change if you want to get the results Gale got with this season finale.   The point is: this season finale would probably have looked good on any camera out there – it just so happens that Gale proved that when you give the Canon 5D MKII good material – it can play with many of the big boys out there.

Read the rest of Vincent’s thoughts at his blog. Warning, there are a couple spoilers, in case you haven’t seen the episode yet, and were planning to.

For more information on the the why’s, how’s and wherefores, you can listen to Phillip Bloom’s interview with director Gale Tattersal.

What did you guys think?

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