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The very first time you attempt to extract an element from an image the editing session will most likely end with you pulling out your hair in large very painful clumps.

Any Photoshop veteran will tell you that a huge part of image extraction is choosing the right tool for the job. The following tutorials are full of tips and tricks that will help you avoid the “PAIN” involved with using the extract filter, magnetic lasso, the pen tool and the other assorted goodies that Photoshop makes available.

Photoshop – Using the Extract Filter (easy)

Photoshop – Extract Filter (easy)

Photoshop – The Magic Wand Tool (moderate)

Photoshop – Using the Background Eraser Tool (easy)

Photoshop – The Pen Tool (advanced)

Photoshop – Refine Edge (advanced)

Photoshop – Layer Masks (moderate/advanced)

Photoshop – Blending Using Masks (easy)

Photoshop – Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool to Extract

Photoshop – Hair Removal with Layer Mask & Background Eraser (advanced)

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