If you’re like me and despise with a passion HTML web browser based uploaders, Vimeo has some awesome news. Sometime in the next few weeks (gotta love that exact launch date dontcha) every photographers favorite video sharing site will make available a “Fancy State-Of-The-Art” uploader. Blah blah blah corporate marketing adjectives let’s get to the meat and potatoes…

  • More-stable uploading (no more frustrating browser time-outs!)
  • Pause/resume features (Start. Stop. Get a sandwich. Start again. NBD.)
  • Upload multiple videos at once (Up to 10 at once!)
  • Edit titles, tags, and descriptions (more controls coming in future updates)
  • Available for Windows, Macs, and Linux (it uses Adobe AIR)

HELL YEAH is my reaction. Being new to Vimeo I immediately had issues with uploading and this little bitty piece of software could end my initial frustration. So if you’re like me, you won’t want to wait for it to be officially released. You’ll sign-up for the public BETA once they open it up again.

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