Spot the mistake - cos I can't!
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    Spot the mistake - cos I can't!

    My assistant has got himself a d300 and was shooting a few ancillary shots recently. I told him to leave everything on auto and used bAced fill flash with an SB-800 as it was very sunny. This I thought was a no brainer strategy that would produce some decent pics although he looked at me a bit askance because i wasn't letting him be creative. Anyway this is what happened when he followed my orders. I can't tell what went wrong having studied the EXIF data. I don't THINK he sabotaged it. ... ĞRead Moreğ
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    Well there's no EXIF data in the version you posted here... ĞRead Moreğ

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    I'm throwing out a guess here without more data. Shooting... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Maybe he didn't have his flash on high speed sync? So the... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Doh! How do I post EXIF data? ĞRead Moreğ

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    yeah that... it certainly didn't fire, but this is a good... ĞRead Moreğ

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    That'd be my guess too not sure what Nikon's sync is? ĞRead Moreğ

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    I'd go with this, but HSS could have been used with this as... ĞRead Moreğ

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    was his flash pointed at the subject? ĞRead Moreğ

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    That was my first [url hidden] foof mode with nothing to... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Open the original JPEG file in Photoshop. Downsize it to... ĞRead Moreğ

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    But even then the camera won't let you go over 1/250s in... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Probably so, not really too familiar with Auto mode. Was... ĞRead Moreğ

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    What about the glare right in the middle; would that have... ĞRead Moreğ

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    My vote is for foofing. ĞRead Moreğ

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    When did bouncing get renamed to foofing again? What does a... ĞRead Moreğ

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    If everything is on "auto" I'm assuming that to mean... ĞRead Moreğ

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    If the body limits the shutter to max-sync and the exposure... ĞRead Moreğ

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