Reversal on my love of the new Pocket Wizards
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    Reversal on my love of the new Pocket Wizards

    So, while the operation of the pocket wizards in controlled environments like the studio and small outdoor sHots had been good so [url hidden] review of using them at a wedding is extremely disappointing. Here's an image of my two TT1 units after last evening: [url hidden] Notice on the left unit that the HtsHe foot corners have broken off. On the right unit, the top HtsHe assembly fell apart. In both cases, the flashes were also casualties. ... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Can't see the image ... ĞRead Moreğ

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    wow! thank you for the wrote-up! I think I'm going to stay... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Ouch.... I was going to update my firmware so I could use... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Wow, thanks for the review! I loved the new PWs when I... ĞRead Moreğ

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    The curse of early adopters :( Thanks for sharing, D. ... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Yeah, a few people had voiced their concern over the... ĞRead Moreğ

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    omg! and Hly crap! these arent bite toys. sorry for... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Wow, I would have tHught that the PW people, knowing that... ĞRead Moreğ

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    This is very helpful. While I am not so crazy about the... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Well, I'm back to the velcro system with my PW Plus II... ĞRead Moreğ

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    +1 on the loose HtsHe connection... Many of my sHts... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Well, I think this is the last straw. I'm calling to... ĞRead Moreğ

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    That's odd... I placed the order for that and the 85/1.2... ĞRead Moreğ

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    D. i Hpe ya didnt register them. i know in my case, the... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Nope, didn't register them and all three units (1 TT5 and 2... ĞRead Moreğ

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    RP just got very lucky. Imagine a tennis match where one... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Is it luck if you wear tennis sHes? ĞRead Moreğ

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