Animoto anyone?
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Thread: Animoto anyone?

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    Animoto anyone?

    Hi all. I just want to hear from those who are using animoto to create wedding slideshows. is it everything that you want it to be? I want it to create a slideshow that makes me look fantastically clever & be able to burn it to dvd for the clients to take home any advice on good programs? I already have idvd, but want something a little more slick ĞRead Moreğ

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    Animoto is great and very easy to use. When you want it as... ĞRead Moreğ

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    A month or two ago Marcus wanted a bit of feedback on one... ĞRead Moreğ

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    I've used it. In general, the transitions are high-energy... ĞRead Moreğ

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    I am thinking of using them for S stuff, but perhaps... ĞRead Moreğ

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    I've been using it for all my wedding clients to share with... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Hi Guys, Thank you al very much for your feedback. ... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Thanks T, it seemed to go reasonably well, a bit... ĞRead Moreğ

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    I just got it and am using it to make little Facebook... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Anyone have a sample they care to share ... from a... ĞRead Moreğ

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    R: ... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Is it possible to have simple fade transitions? ĞRead Moreğ

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    [url hidden] ĞRead Moreğ

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    I was wowed when it came out,but after a few tries it... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Animoto plus: Fun, fast transitions. Great to be able to... ĞRead Moreğ

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    when they are attached to the blog, they are very soft.... ĞRead Moreğ

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    To get them sharper for your blog, download the high rez,... ĞRead Moreğ

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    Just how easy is it to put a show onto an i-phone/ipod? I... ĞRead Moreğ

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