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Who needs the DWF photography forum

Who needs the DWF photography forum! Ever see a wedding photographer blogging that ďmy client didnĎt pay and itís three days before the wedding?Ē Ever see an expert jump on Facebook and talk about losing all the formals on a crashed memory card? And how they canít sleep because of it? Welcome to the Real World.

The DWF is the real world of photography. Itís where professional photographers talk about their businesses behind closed doors. Where they discuss the things theyíd never dare blog about. The everyday problems they wonít post on Facebook photography groups and pages. DWF members speak from experience: Last year alone, they shot $370-million worth of weddings.

Been there. Done that. With all that experience at your fingertips, the DWF is a goldmine of photography information. * Youíll learn which photography vendors have horrible customer service. * Youíll learn which photography gear products really work. * Youíll learn which photo processing techniques make brides roll their eyes. * Youíll learn which photography seminars are a waste of time & money. There are 3-million posts on the DWF photography forum, but when you donít see answers, ask! With 5,000 DWF pro members, your questions are answered fast. Lightning fast.

Free Trial. No obligation. Take a free 7 day trial, right now. We donít ask for your credit card number, and we donít sell or giveaway any personal information. Itís all about bringing professional photographers together and sharing their real world experience. Itís what the DWF photography forum has been doing for 11 years. Take the free trial now.